Announcing our keynote speaker, Cory Jenks!

Dr. Cory Jenks is a native of Tucson who ventured across the country to earn his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of South Carolina in 2011. Upon returning to Tucson, he completed a pharmacy practice residency at the Southern Arizona VA where he still practices as an Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist.

Cory is also an accomplished improv comedian as well as author, having started on his comedy journey in 2013. Since then, Cory has coached, taught, and performed improv for thousands of people.  His book, “Permission to Care: Building a Healthcare Culture that Thrives in Chaos,” was released in February 2022. Today, Cory travels the country (or at least Zooms around) teaching other healthcare professionals how to apply the valuable skills of improv comedy to create a more adaptable, empathetic, and humanizing healthcare experience.

When not working or teaching improv, Cory enjoys playing racquetball and golf, harvesting rainwater in his backyard, and is currently earning his Master’s Degree in Dad Jokes with the help of his sons, Jacob and Henry.

Watch his videos.

Looking forward to an awesome talk from Cory on April 21, 2022 at 8:00am following the welcome message from our Committee Chair, Karen Barlow!

0.75 credit hours available during this session!

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