Abstract Information

The 53rd Annual Southeastern Residency Conference will be held virtually due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and staggering inflation costs. 

This year we will mimic an in-person conference virtually. Presentations will be “live” on camera during the scheduled times followed by “live” on camera questions and answers. Please setup a free account with Zoom, if you don’t already have one, and work on access to a computer with video capabilities so that you will be prepared to attend and interact at the conference in the same way you would if it were in-person. We encourage participants to treat this year’s virtual conference as if it were in-person–if possible, please allow for time away from work.

Please read and follow all instructions carefully. We hope to make this a meaningful professional development opportunity for all participants.

  • Registration opens Tuesday, February 1st.
  • Abstract submission deadline is March 1st.
  • Presentations will be “live” during scheduled times April 21st & 22nd. Presenters must be present in their Zoom breakout rooms, ready to present at their scheduled times, and have video capabilities. The presenter schedule will be sent out closer to the conference.
  • Moderators and Evaluators will be scheduled in each Zoom breakout room for each session. You must be present and have video capabilities. The Moderator & Evaluator schedule will be sent out closer to the conference.
  • Live question and answer sessions will be at the end of each presentation.
  • Access to the conference Zoom, schedules, and abstracts will be available via SCHED. Invitations to SCHED will be emailed out closer to the conference.

Guidelines for abstracts

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  1. Your final abstract MUST be entered through conference registration. Please have your abstract ready for submission before registering. Deadline for final online abstract submission and registration is 11:59pm Eastern on March 1.
  2. Content must be entered in each section prior to abstract submission
  3. Check grammar, punctuation, and capitalization before final submission. Minor edits can be made to the published abstract in SCHED before the conference begins, but all edits must remain in the guidelines.
  4. Your abstract will not be accepted until you have paid the conference registration fees.
  5. The information provided will create your abstract as it will appear when published. Please adhere to the following standards:
    • Title limited to 2 lines of text – short, specific titles preferred. (150 characters)
    • Authors’ names limited to 1 line of text – do not use degrees or titles. (75 characters)
    • Choose the appropriate practice site from the drop down menu. This information will be automatically added to your final abstract (if your site is not listed, contact Elise Martin, Conference Manager by emailing sercpharm@gmail.com)
    • The remaining sections must each be 300 words or less and should include:
      1. Presentation Objective
      2. Self-Assessment Question
      3. Purpose/Background
      4. Methods
      5. Results (preliminary results are acceptable)*
      6. Conclusions (reached to date)*
    • *If results/conclusions not available, insert “In Progress”. Update in SCHED will be required prior to the Conference.
    • List e-mail of resident (or best contact) for follow-up by interested participants.
  6. The Presentation Objective and Self Assessment Question are required to assure ACPE accreditation for continuing education credit.
    • The Presentation Objective must start with a measurable verb and complete the statement “at the conclusion of my presentation, the participant will be able to.” Measurable verbs include: Define, Describe, Explain, Identify, List, Outline, or State.
    • The Self-Assessment Question should link to the learning objective and be the last slide in your presentation. Provide feedback (answer) to the participant on the self-assessment question.

Guidelines for presentations

View a sample presentation .

  1. The conference consists of 1 keynote session and 6 presentation sessions spread over two days. There will be up to 12 concurrent presentation breakout rooms in Zoom with 5 presentations scheduled in each room during each session. Many of the rooms will have similar categories (such as ambulatory care, infectious disease, etc.) so preceptors and residents with a specific interest might be able to stay in one room throughout the session. Each session is 1.5 hours and presentation and Q&A times are 15 minutes each:
    • Each presentation should last no more than 12 minutes
    • 3 minutes will be allowed for Q&A
    • 5 minutes is provided for breakout room changes after each session and to make it possible for attendees to easily switch to the next presentation.
  2. Each presentation should contain the following elements:
    • Title slide
    • Disclosure Statement slide
    • Background slide(s)
    • Purpose slide
    • Objectives slide
    • Methodology slide(s)
    • Results slide(s)
    • Conclusion slide
    • Acknowledgement slide
    • Presentation Objective and Self Assessment Question slide (with presenter contact information)
  3. Each attendee will need video capabilities and a Zoom account. Presenters will need to share their screens during their presentations.
  4. All residents and preceptors are strongly encouraged to fill out an Evaluation Form on each presentation they attend. There will be a designated evaluator in each room who will speak briefly with the resident after their presentation to give them constructive feedback.

Instructions for SCHED 

Updating SCHED Information – Before April 21st

  • Access SCHED using the system account invite sent via email on or before April 19th. Please check all junk and spam folders for the invite if it is not in your inbox. If you cannot find the email, contact sercpharm@gmail.com
  • Assure all abstract information is correct. You may update your abstract, if needed by editing your description. Refer to the support document here: https://sched.com/guide/edit-session-description/
  • Upload a recent photo – this is especially important for establishing a personal connection.
  • Add a brief biography not to exceed 150 words that includes:
    • 1 sentence with name, credentials, and current position
    • 1 or 2 sentences with education and previous training
    • 1 or 2 sentences with plans for future (PGY2, other training, new job)
    • 1 sentence with professional organization membership and involvement
  • SCHED provides additional speaker tools here: https://sched.com/guide-category/speaker-tools/
    • Complete your profile by April 20, 2022

Presentations will be “live” on Zoom mimicking an in-person conference. Be prepared to attend and interact during the conference as if you were there in-person. Presenters will present at their scheduled times in their assigned breakout rooms on Zoom. Video capabilities will be required.


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For questions regarding SERC and/or the website, please contact Elise Martin, Conference Manager by emailing sercpharm@gmail.com

Need to ask a fellow resident? If so, please contact the Resident Representatives.